Sunday afternoon at the Plaza de Armas in Cusco

Wondering where to go on a Sunday afternoon in Cusco, Peru? The old, historic capital city of the Inca Empire has several plazas in the city center. We strolled into the Plaza de Armas and were lucky to get seats on one of the many benches lining the wide walkways.


On weekdays Plaza de Armas fills with tourists. On Sundays, local kids come with their parents.


The city dogs of Cusco hang out in the plaza, too, but usually lounge on the grass.


Some kids looked like little tourists, with jaunty hats and micro backpacks.


We only got a brief look at some as they raced past us.

No one was having more fun than this tyke riding his shiny red car.

No one was having more fun than this tyke riding his shiny red car.


Where were the tourists? Most were gathered around the raised fountain at the center of the square. Atop the fountain stands a controversial, gold-painted statue of an Incan. The statue, installed in 2011, has the city and government divided over what should be the statue in a colonial plaza in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We were amused when we discovered that the original statue was a North American Indian with bow and arrow.

Children and their parents made their way slowly through the Plaza de Armas, out for a Sunday stroll. Tourists gathered around the Fountain, most with cameras in hand. The real surprise came when we left the Plaza de Armas and strolled over to Plaza de San Francisco, a few blocks to the west. That Plaza was filled with local people, entertainment, and food stands. Not a tourist was in sight.

All seemed happy in their chosen spaces. So, if you find yourself in Cusco on a Sunday afternoon, you can choose where to go.


August 2016


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4 Responses to Sunday afternoon at the Plaza de Armas in Cusco

  1. We enjoy seeing people going about their daily lives too. Nice photos.

  2. plaidcamper says:

    Some Sunday afternoon people-watching seems a pleasant way to pass the time!

  3. Cliff Mail says:

    I know where I would be headed, looked much more interesting than a fountain surrounded by tourists.

  4. Such crisp pictures. Love the life going on all around!

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