An outing with strangers that turned to gold

Our first day back in Lima, started out with a lazy morning. It was a Saturday, the sky was leaden, and we were tired, having traveled the day before from Arequipa. Why not have a relaxed breakfast? We sat down at the long breakfast table at our small inn, Residential Miraflores, the last guests to be seated. We quickly joined the animated conversation among the other guests.

Lothar, from Canada, talked about his travels in Peru. Marlotte and Stefan had an evening flight back home to the Netherlands after a month traveling in South America. The conversation turned to our plan for the day: a visit to Museo Lorca. So how did it happen that 5 strangers decided to spend the day together?


After a taxi ride we entered the impressive Museo Lorca together. The collection of gold ornaments was truly impressive and extensive.


A warrior dressed for combat: headdress, breastplate, ear plugs, bracelets, rattle.


The knife and sacrificial cup appeared to be art objects but had a different purpose. The knife was used to cut a warrior’s throat and the blood was collected in the cup, to be offered to the priests. According to the signage, “the sacrifice ceremony was central to the Moche religion. The offering of the blood of the vanquished to the principal gods was the climax of the ritual combat.”


After seeing so many figures represented in a folk art-style, the realistic portrait vessels were a surprise. They were all men – probably priests, warriors, and distinguished members of the society.


The pitcher is a 2-headed serpent arched over a Moche lord. The lord probably represents an ancestor, and the serpent symbolizes a heavenly arch.


A turquoise and gold breastplate was striking in its entirety….

Version 2

….and striking in detail. (Upper left hand section magnified.)

All the works above were from the Moche period (1- 800 CE), only one of the periods represented in the museum’s collection. We all agreed it had been a worthwhile trip to Museo Lorca. Why not stay on for lunch at their restaurant?

The leisurely pace of breakfast continued with lunch. Conversation was easy. It was as if we were all old friends. What an enjoyable day it had been, and we marveled at the good luck of strangers spending such a wonderful day in Lima together.


Upon our return to Residential Miraflores, we had a group photo taken to remember the golden day: Joe, Lothar, Beth, Marlotte, and Stefan.


August 2016


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4 Responses to An outing with strangers that turned to gold

  1. leggypeggy says:

    We love the Larco Museum. Have been three times.

  2. Cliff Mail says:

    Great pictures (again).

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