Every day we take a walk

We set off from our apartment in Buenos Aires every day to take a walk. The joy of being outside and exploring the neighborhood, always on the lookout for some marvels to see and maybe photograph, became the center point of our day. Our goal is to walk at least 10,000 steps. For us – that’s about 3.75 miles (6 kilometers).


On one of our first walks in our Recoleta neighborhood, we headed for El Ateno Grand Splendid, on the recommendation of our friend, Jack. El Ateno is one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world – converted from a grand theatre built in the early 1900’s, with a capacity of over 1,000 seats.


On days when rain threatened, we dashed a half-block from our apartment to walk in Recoleta Cemetery. When it did start to rain, we could be back inside our apartment in no time.


Spring came to Buenos Aires during our visit, and, on warmer days, our walks became longer and longer.

Many cities have large parks, but we’d never seen anything quite like Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur, an 865-acre park on an “island” wedged between a canal and the river. Paths are long with limited access and much of the park is a huge wetland – making it an ideal wildlife habitat.  It took us an hour to walk to Costanera Sur, through chic neighborhoods and then by high-rise buildings. Once we arrived, the city was behind us, and we discovered we were in the great outdoors.

argentine black + white tegu

We saw 5 Argentine black and white tegus one day as they crawled across the path.   They’re hard to miss at well over 3 feet (92 cm) in length.


By the time we had walked well over 15,000 steps, we found a bench to sit down and have a snack. Hold on! Beth almost sat down on this (rather large) bug. Instead of pulling out our snack, we went for our cameras.


Many steps later, we sat down at a bench next to this little bug which we mistakenly thought was a ladybug. But it isn’t.

We took 5 walks to Costanera Sur to see just how much more we could see. We watched nutria, eating their way down channels of water clogged with greet vegetation. A muskrat ambled by within a foot of us while we rested on a wall. A pair of pampas cavy munched on grass a few feet off the path. And, of course, there were always more bird species to see.

Cuckoo, Guira

On our visit we spotted over 80 different bird species (of the 300+ that are there). The Guira cuckoo was one of our favorites.

After our last visit to Costanera Sur, we noted that we had walked over 27,000 steps just that one day. Our daily walks were worthwhile in every way.


October 2016

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  1. Enjoyable read and great photos!

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