Someone else’s vacation

We plan all of our own travel. We carefully choose our destination, where we stay, and how we spend our time. But for three days in December, everything was going to be different.

Our daughter, Anna, invited us to join her and her two kids (our grandkids) on a 3-day getaway. Sure, sounds like fun, we said. And from that point on, we decided that it was their vacation, and we’d enjoy whatever she and the kids wanted to do.


Anna drove the five of us to South Lake Tahoe, CA.


Anna and the kids skated…


…and sledded.


Camden (left) and a new friend built a snow fort.


Camden (pictured) and Ainsley plunged in the outdoor heated pool while we adults sat on pool chairs, bundled in heavy winter coats.

We only had one request. Could we walk 2 blocks down the street and cross over into the state of Nevada?


On the way, we saw Betty Boop, a classic cartoon character. Ainsley popped up for a photo.

We crossed the street and entered Nevada. Done. Now we could go back and pick up where we left off, with another round of skating. If we had taken a trip to South Lake Tahoe on our own, it would have been completely different – but not better. We loved hanging out with Anna and the kids. We snapped photographs, we sledded, and threw snowballs. Sometimes it’s good when someone else plans the trip and we just go along.



December 2016


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6 Responses to Someone else’s vacation

  1. Betsy Eggers says:

    Great to see those kiddos, Beth & Joe! What fun it must have been! No grandkids yet, for us… so last year we “adopted” 6 kids whose mom is a war widow from a Ugandan refugee camp. They live about 30 min from us and we tutor them, hike, spend-the-nights, chaperone their class trips… just like real grandparents! Ages 6 through 14… Love & Miss you, Betsy & Jack

  2. Did you stand with one foot in each state?

  3. What a lovely family! It’s testament to your love that you followed them into snow and ice:)

  4. leggypeggy says:

    What a great choice for a place you didn’t get to choose yourself.

  5. Sounds like a nice change. Looks cold though.

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