Time in Tucson

We never feel guilty about all the wonderful things we know we missed at a travel destination. There is no way to do it all. Better to have a leisurely pace and enjoy what you can do. It’s enough. Family visits often leave even less time for exploring the area, but, during our week in Tucson with some of Beth’s family, we managed to see a few memorable sights….

…like street art. Who doesn’t love walking down a street and seeing artwork which blends in with the buildings and the neighborhood.

This was one person’s solution for what to do with a tree stump on a busy city street. Glorious colors!

We walked into an appealing shop, Santa Theresa Tile Works, and discovered that we could make our own creations, using many little tiles in all shapes, colors and sizes. Beth and her sister-in-law, Pat, spent a few creative hours choosing tiles and creating their own works.

We didn’t want to miss the March for Science. People in so many places gathered that day, and we wanted to be counted in that number. As soon as we arrived in town, we headed for the downtown plaza to join the gathered crowd.

Beth’s brother, Jim, suggested we visit San Xavier del Bac, founded in 1692. The church is just south of downtown on the Tohono O’odham San Xavier Indian Reservation.

Afterwards we sat nearby in the shade on a very hot afternoon, eating Navajo fried bread purchased from a vendor.   A unique Southwestern experience….

Tohono Chul Park was one of our last stops. The gardens were pleasant to stroll through, and we appreciated things we don’t see in most places – like this 4,650-pound azurite and malachite.

The most exciting moment at the park was seeing a large snake slither across the path, and, as it approached a hole in the ground at the base of a tree, a mouse leaped out to safety. The mouse literally flew into the air in its attempt to get away from the snake. We guessed the mouse had sought just that place for a little shade on a hot day.

We enjoyed Tucson and had a good visit with family. Now, it was time to start our drive north for some camping in a more rugged area. Stay tuned…


April 2017

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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  2. You still managed to fit in a lot in your few days.

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