Rocks and relationships

Every day we travel is a new day full of promise. Who knows how events will unfold? We’re open to getting the most out of each day – and every once in a while, a day is even more magical than we could have hoped.

So it went on our second day at Capitol Reef National Park. We pulled into a parking space at the Grand Wash trailhead, and a truck pulled in right behind us. We all started down the trail at the same time and easily fell in step – and conversation – together.

June led the way through one of the narrowing canyons.

The trail we’d all chosen was a 4.5 mile round trip walk with some of the most interesting rock formations we’d seen.

We saw these flowers, and Beth balanced on a rock to get her photo. June noted the helpful sign nearby that identified the flower as a bronze evening primrose (oenothera howardii).

Joe, Mike and June walked ahead. Had they looked up to appreciate the striated rock above them?

We’d not seen these flowers before – or maybe we just hadn’t seen them in this form.

We came across a couple from San Diego County, who we’d talked to earlier. They pointed up high on the rock wall and there stood a desert bighorn sheep.   We’d not yet seen one this year. Later we read that the native desert bighorn sheep had died out in this area and were reintroduced in 1990 from Canyonlands National Park.

We’d stopped and talked with others on the walk: the two women with their go-pro camera, a couple of bird watchers who pointed out a black-throated grey warbler, and couple from Britain who gave us a recommendation for a great restaurant in Cornwall.

June and Mike invited us to their place in Wyoming to do another hike, and so, in a week, we will. When we said our goodbyes, we ended with “See you next week.”

On the drive back to our lodging, we stopped to photograph more rocks.

Capitol Reef’s rock formations are truly stunning.

It was a day of rocks and relationships we won’t soon forget.



May 2017

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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2 Responses to Rocks and relationships

  1. icelandpenny says:

    Rocks & relationships, it makes me think of a comment by a friend, who mused on “the dirt road to happiness”

  2. This is the sort of walk we enjoy too. Beautiful photos.

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