Creatures of habit

We are creatures of habit – even as we travel. That’s a good thing. As we carefully cultivated good habits and built them into our routine, we decided: why not keep it going? For many years we have taken walks after dinner. These days, if we have walked well over 10,000 steps already in the day, we might pass if there’s a good reason.   Generally we grab our cameras and binoculars and head outside.

For 5 days we stayed at a cabin in Jackson Hole, WY that has been in a friend’s family for close to one hundred years. (Lucky him, lucky us!!) And, like clockwork, every evening we took our walk.

One night we left the cabin and headed down the long unpaved private road. Dusk was upon us, and only the top of the mountain peak was still bathed in sunlight.

In the dim light we saw a mountain bluebird fly over to a bird house on a fence post. By the time we got out our cameras, we captured only the bluebird’s tail feathers as it entered its home for the night.

The next day we started a little earlier in the evening, but the sky to the east was filled with ominous clouds hanging over the Snake River.

Log debris had piled up by the side of the river, and Joe had just commented that it looked like a beaver’s lodge. That was the moment we spied the beaver, just a few feet up the riverbank. We watched the beaver eating some short plants, and then, startled, it took a long look at us, and slid into the water, disappearing from sight.

To our west the sunlight illuminated the Teton Mountains in the distance. To the east, the clouds became even darker and a few minutes later it started to rain.

We walked back to our cabin as fast as we could. Time for one more photo of the cabin before the walk was over.

Well, you can see how easy it was for us to keep up our walk every evening while we were at the cabin. We saw animals (elk, marmot, and coyote), lots of birds (including white pelicans and green-tailed towhees) and wondered about all matter of things we saw on the ranch. Our walks have always been more than just exercise for us.  We take time to talk, observe nature, take photographs. As far as our evening walks go, the strolls in Jackson Hole set a new high standard for excellence.


May 2017

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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10 Responses to Creatures of habit

  1. plaidcamper says:

    Wonderful habit, and wonderful photographs! Fading light on a warmish evening in the mountains is a lovely time and place…

  2. Just started following your posts as I really enjoy reading about the adventures of other “mature’ travelers. It’s especially a pleasure to see your posts from around the US and Canada as we did so much camping (tent and trailer) with our children throughout both countries for 5-8 weeks every summer for over 30 years. This post brought back great memories of Jackson Hole, the Tetons and Yellowstone – what an incredible area. As we travel throughout the world it makes me even more appreciative of the incredible beauty we have right here in North America.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    • You are welcome. We “dragged” our 3 kids around the country “giving” them what we thought was a wonderful experience in the natural outdoors. Two of the three asserted that they would never go camping ever again when they grew up. Now they take their kids on such trips too.

  3. What a wonderful place for you to stay at. I love your first photo of the mountain touched by the last rays of sunlight.

  4. karenmsisk says:

    How lovely. I just looked up mountain bluebird. So blue! Like a brighter indigo bunting. I was telling friends of ours about the retirement community where you are planning to eventually end up. Will you remind me of the type of community it is. Keep safe and healthy so that I can continue to armchair travel this summer as we stay close to home building a garage. And also, let us know if you find yourself near the Olympic peninsula in Washington state.

    • Yes, we want to move into a Continuing Care Retiremet Community (CCRC) in a few years and think that Kendal at Longwood is the community for us. The residents of Kendal at Longwood have written and edited an accessible and informative book, Experiences: Life at a Continuing Care Retirement Community. We recommend it.

  5. And, you so often get to walk through different environments to the one that you would be plodding around if you were in the same town/city for most of the year. Enjoy your walks.

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