Livingston, Montana

Why not stop for a week in a quaint small town? Find a sweet little place to stay in a faraway place, and just enjoy what the town has to offer. And so we did. We found Livingston, Montana.

Months earlier we had arranged our stay there, reserving a quaint AirBnB cottage located right in town. After check-in, we realized that it was so nice that we just wanted to hang out there. Our host, Lauren, told us about the Farmers Market in the nearby Sacajawea Park that very day. With food the incentive, we headed on over.

In the park, Sacajawea and her young son, Pomp, are facing the Yellowstone River, the resting site of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1806.

Food offerings were eclectic, and what we tried was very good: mac ‘n cheese with lobster; sweet rolls for the next morning’s breakfast.

Each day we walked in different neighborhoods, seeing the old Livingston as well as the new.

As visitors, it seemed to us the Sacajawea statue and the Teslow building might be the two icons of Livingston.

These days tourism, in the form of fishing, might be competing to represent the new town image.

Our walks led us to thrift stores, galleries, and antique stores. We added books to the town’s “little library.” We strolled through neighborhoods and in parks.

At dusk on the Yellowstone River, we observed the American white pelicans.

Our favorite trail passed a farm with a good view of the snowy mountains.

We continued to snap wildflower photos wherever we went.

Livingston offered us the chance to slow down and stay awhile. It was relaxing and scenic. Not a bit stressful. Something to consider for a future trip…


June 2017

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5 Responses to Livingston, Montana

  1. sallywalters says:

    Also recommend tiny Fort Peck and its wonderful summer stock theatre…

  2. plaidcamper says:

    Montana has so many great little towns worth exploring. They seem to have a little of everything to make visitors want to stay for a while. For the first summer in many years, we won’t be heading down to Montana – your post has us rethinking!

  3. Even in a smaller place, there is a lot to see. We’re doing a similar thing next week, taking the caravan north to a very small town. There are a couple of national parks nearby to explore.

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