The beach quiets down

We’ve been in Cascais for a month, and every day we walk a short block to the beach to observe the busy life of a beach resort. Cascais has been full to overflowing with tourists from Portugal and all over Europe, enjoying the ever-present sun, the long string of sandy beaches, free concerts at night, and so many restaurants to choose from.

Even though we’d never describe ourselves as “beach people,” we can see what draws so many people to Cascais. The days are crowded – on the beaches and in town – but around 6pm many people have ducked in for a rest or a snack before the evening activities kick off. This is the perfect time for a stroll along the promenade. No crowds, no hot sun.

The beach has quieted down in the later afternoon.

It’s a quiet time to do your own thing – always with a spectacular view of the ocean. It’s the perfect time for a puzzle or game….

…or fishing off the coast.

For some time we watched 4 little friends play on the beach. They ran from here-to-there, chased pigeons, and often changed who was the leader – always laughing and happy.

Another swimming area a few minutes walk to our east attracted older children with its high steps and enclosed pool (in low tide).

One section of our promenade walk leads to a shopping street. There we saw another photographer who had managed to pull a branch down far enough to get her photo of those amazing red blossoms.   We thanked her silently and took a photo, too, of her and the blossoms.

Every town has it daily rhythm, and we think we’ve discovered how to move through Cascais to our own rhythm. And what do we do in the hot afternoon while others are all on the beach?

We sit and read in the cool park, keeping an eye on the peacocks, chickens, and the many chicks.



September 2018

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6 Responses to The beach quiets down

  1. Seems like you really settled into a lovely daily routine in Cascais:)

  2. You’ve sold me on Cascais. Next time we head north in Portugal it will be on our list! Slow travel is such a lovely way to sync yourself to a city’s rhythms and it looks like you managed to find pockets of quiet even at the height of high season. Love your photo of the children which seems to sum up a carefree summer day! Anita

  3. It looks perfect. Those little ones look like they’re having a wonderful time.

  4. icelandpenny says:

    Isn’t it wonderful, the tranquility available even in a popular location, if you pick you time? Another advantage of staying somewhere long enough to suss out its rhythms!

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