A sad departure but look what awaits us

We (seriously) did not want to leave Cascais, Portugal – a charming seaside resort town west of Lisbon.   We saw the days tick off, and knew we’d have to move on, but it was with heavy hearts that we headed to our next destination: Lagos, Portugal on the southern, Algarve coast.

Cheer up, we told ourselves. Lagos got rave reviews from lots of visitors and would be a pleasant change of pace. In our first weeks of exploring the town, we’ve discovered some of its appeal.

Lagos’ famous coast is a spectacular sight, we had to admit.

The city walls have been there for centuries and define the old section of the city.

We sat at a little café and looked out to a view of two friends enjoying their view of the marina.

Our search for outstanding building tiles continues in Lagos. These are tiles on the old train station.

How many little back streets can we explore during our visit and how many great works of art will we discover on the walls in Lagos?

So, how did we originally decide to come to Lagos? The story started in California when we met a fellow blogger, Susan, and her husband, Bruce, whose blog we had faithfully followed for years, One Small Walk.  She recommended reading Anita and Dick’s blog, as she thought we all had a lot in common. With that introduction, we started reading their blog, No Particular Place to Go.   As Anita and Dick’s travels progressed, they decided to find a home base in Portugal and settle in Lagos. When we decided to come to Portugal, we did our own web searches and decided, why not?

A month in Lagos would be perfect – and maybe we’d even get to meet Anita and Dick, too.

As it turned out, Lagos has a lot to offer, and we have especially enjoyed meeting Anita and Dick. What an interesting string of recommendations that finally brought us to this town!


September 2017

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9 Responses to A sad departure but look what awaits us

  1. Perhaps the best thing about blogging is being a part of a worldwide community and making online friends who we occasionally get a chance to meet in real life. There are people that, when you meet them face-to-face, you immediately find a world view and interests in common forming a cornerstone for a friendship. It’s been our pleasure to meet both of you, Beth and Joe. Looking forward to our paths crossing down the road and wishing you many happy travels and adventures in the months ahead! Anita

  2. icelandpenny says:

    No wonder you travel well & happily — these photos illustrate the range of what interests you.

  3. It’s nice to feel some affinity with a beautiful place. You will have so many happy memories.

  4. Lagos looks like a very pleasant spot to spend a month – you probably won’t want to leave there either.

  5. Merrill says:

    We loved Portugal and knew we would want to return. Your posts have ignited that desire!

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