The most impressive viewpoint

The winner is … Lagos, Portugal. In our travels, far and wide, we have never seen views like this.

Steep, orange-hued cliffs drop down to the cobalt-turquoise blue sea. It doesn’t escape us that orange and blue are perfect contrasting colors so the effect was a real eye-opener. In the photo – these colors don’t look real (but we assure you they are).

If you painted the scene, you might decide to introduce a little color on that beach. The umbrellas are too perfect as are the little people lined up on the edge of the water.

We watched the kayaks (with red on the paddles) bisect the huge rock wall in front to us.

We had decided to walk one morning to the stretch of coast with the superlative views.

Soon after we started, we came upon some wonderful urban art. How exciting!

Then the walk turned into a bit of a slog. We dodged cars, we passed litter, and it wasn’t until we were standing right on the top of the eroded cliff and looked down that the magical view appeared.

We headed back home and upon arrival, Joe went to his own view point in the apartment.

All the windows face a construction site for a new apartment building that is being built. Joe can sit on the balcony, at the kitchen table, or anywhere in the apartment and watch the progress the construction workers are making. It was an exciting day when the concrete flooring went in.

Aren’t we all drawn to standing back at a height and watching the panorama view of a great many activities all happening at the same time? We so often focus (our cameras) on the little things in life that are right before our eyes. It’s especially breathtaking to take in the big views in Lagos, Portugal.


September 2017

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11 Responses to The most impressive viewpoint

  1. Leave it to you two to appreciate the beauty in a natural view and then enjoy the view to a high-rise construction site 🙂

  2. The colours are beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous photos and I, too, love the contrast of the blues and oranges. Ponta da Piedade is my favorite place to take first time visitors to Lagos and, if you hadn’t discovered it for yourselves, I would have made it a priority to show you. We live just one cliff away and I never tire of walking along the cliffs … very carefully of course! Anita

  4. Very pretty scenery. Is Joe considering coming out of retirement and moving into construction?

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