A quiet Portugal beach at the end of summer

Everyone complained about so many tourists and crowded Portugal beaches in the summer. We were so thrilled to be  at sandy, pristine beaches in Lagos that the crowds seemed a small price to pay. We rarely sat on the beach anyway, but we loved to take long walks just where the tide would roll up and cover our toes.

We watched a change in the Meia Praia beach as summer turned into fall. Where had all the people gone? The sun was lower in the sky and felt deliciously warm. It was a welcome change from the oppressive heat of a few months ago.

At summer’s end plants were drying up, but, at this final stage, they might have been their most attractive.

We walked many miles on the beach and wondered why there were so few visitors at this time of year?

The shallow water had schools of very small fish that we followed as they swam back out to sea with each wave.

We swore the first day that we wouldn’t collect any shells. How would we transport them? By the last day we had saved a very nice collection of carefully curated shells – happy that we’d changed our minds.

Here was a splash of color – the last for autumn.

Those last days of sunny and warm weather aren’t always predictable. They say “timing is everything,” and we think we were pretty lucky to have enjoyed an idyllic time at the beach in Portugal.


October 2017

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5 Responses to A quiet Portugal beach at the end of summer

  1. How lovely to have the beach to yourselves. Timing is everything!

  2. Timing is everything and we feel very fortunate that we had a chance to meet you both and see our adopted hometown through your eyes. Loved these photos! Anita

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