Postcards from Cádiz

Our knowledge of history has huge gaps. We’d heard of Cádiz, Spain but couldn’t bring to mind anything we’d ever learned. When we studied the map of Jerez de la Frontera, where we were staying, we noted Cádiz was only 22 km (14 miles) south, right on the coast. Why not go for a day’s visit? Have a look at our very own homemade postcards from the day:

Our son, Joshua, walked with Joe down one of the many narrow lanes in Cádiz. How old is Cádiz? “Cádiz is thought by some to be the oldest city in Europe, founded in 1100 BC by the Phoenicians who called it Gadir and traded Baltic amber and British tin, as well as Spanish silver.”


Walking through Cádiz is walking through time. Statues, monuments, a Roman amphitheater, several castles….


The Parque Genovés follows the coast with covered pergolas and shade trees interspersed with towering palms providing a shaded walk in the heat of the day.


We kept hearing birds in the trees and spotted the huge nests first, then monk parakeets.


What a grand walkway lined with creatively pruned trees and a few palms for accent.


In exploring Castillo de Santa Catalina, we looked through the slits in the fort’s wall and took photos of the nearby beach at low tide.


Cádiz’s skyline came into view as we walked back to the train station.


We’ll sign off on our postcards, “Wish you were here!, simpletravelourway


October 2017

About simpletravelourway

Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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13 Responses to Postcards from Cádiz

  1. Although it’s less than 4 hours from Lagos, we have yet to visit Cadiz. But, we’ll be correcting that omission soon now that we’ve seen your photos! Loved the photo of the monk parrots and the walkway with the pruned trees is wonderful. I see more Spanish history lessons ahead and will enjoy learning about Cadiz’s place in history. Anita

  2. So much history. It all looks fascinating.

    • We spent a day there and that really wasn’t long enough. It seems to be a combination of underestimating so many of our destinations and becoming so interested in what there is to learn about and see.

  3. leggypeggy says:

    Homemade postcards are a great idea.

  4. ssaam2 says:

    Great pictures… it looks so peaceful and pretty as a postcard and I wish I was there!

  5. Nice postcards – I take it from the tidal shot that it is on The Atlantic rather than the Mediterranean. Can you spot Morocco in the distance?

  6. plaidcamper says:

    Thank you for these postcards! A few years ago, I read the series of maritime novels set in the late 1790s and early 1800s by Patrick O’Brien, and Cadiz features in these stories. I’ve wanted to visit ever since, and even more after your description and postcards.

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