A trip inspired by a photo and a ring

Years ago we visited Florence, Italy – but only for a week. One week is not long enough! When it came time to plan a longer stay, we hoped Beth’s brother, Tom, and his wife, Barbara, would join us.

We had a sentimental attachment to Florence, and it started with this photo. The earliest photo of Beth and Tom’s parents as a couple was taken in Florence, Italy.

Dad bought Mom’s wedding ring from a gold jeweler on the bridge, the Ponte Vecchio. They were married in Florence in 1945.

Beth and Tom’s parents died many years ago, and Tom inherited Mom’s wedding ring. When Tom married Barbara 26 years ago, they used that same gold ring from Florence.

Could we convince Tom and Barbara to join us in Florence? We searched a year in advance for the perfect AirBnB apartment to share, and we found it! Beth wrote an email to Tom and Barbara and invited them to join us. They immediately accepted.

So, a year later, we all headed over to the medieval bridge, Ponte Vecchio, in Florence.

Tom and Barbara posed for the camera on the bridge. Barbara’s ring made it back 73 years later to where it was purchased.

What a lovely moment! We couldn’t believe we were all in Florence together.

We headed from there to see the Boboli Gardens and next door to the Bardini Gardens (pictured in the photo).

During their visit, we planned trips to the major must-see sites in Florence, like the Uffizi.

We also allowed time to just wander to discover what there was to see.

It was a sentimental and sweet journey for all of us that started on a bridge 73 years ago in Florence, Italy.


April 2018


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10 Responses to A trip inspired by a photo and a ring

  1. Sally Cook says:

    Such a special post! Well done! I knew my dear friend Tom was sentimental to the core, but I really loved seeing my dear friend Barb, whom I’ve known longer than Tom, show a sentimental side! I have to say it’s lovely to celebrate four wonderfully interesting people and two companionable marriages!

    • Thanks, Sally! It was definitely a memorable and sentimental trip. We 4 are not finished with great trips yet as we plan to meet with our brother and his wife, our children and grandchildren at Sanibel Island in Florida in December. One great trip deserves another.

  2. Jet Eliot says:

    So much love in this story, and delightfully adventuresome, too. Wonderful post.

  3. A lovely way to celebrate your parents.

  4. Oh, I loved this romantic story. How fun for you and your brother (along with spouses in tow) to go back to the bridge that meant so much to your parents in the city where they were married! Anita

  5. I love this story behind the story of your visit. Are you going to tell us how your parents ended up in Florence?

  6. How special for you all to share this journey in remembrance.

  7. Nice to have an attachment to such a well known landmark.

  8. plaidcamper says:

    What a wonderful story!

  9. Bernice Rowe says:

    One of my favorite places in the world!

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