Forget sunny days on this trip!

We welcomed the sunny skies on this trip until we realized our photography suffered from the glare and shadows.  Bring on the clouds, the darkening skies, and even a little mist!  All would be welcome.

After too many days straight of sun, sun, sun, our luck came with a good forecast: RAIN.  We raced out the door.

We headed for Piazzale Michelangelo up Via dell Monte alli Croce.   Partway up the hill, we saw open gates to a Rose Garden with a note: free entrance.  We walked in. (By now you may have guessed that we look for opportunities on the way to anywhere we’re going.)

How had we not heard of this garden?  It’s nestled on a hillside with lovely views back over to the great monuments of Florence. Sculpture, like the resting cat,  was very nicely placed.

We especially loved the roses clinging to the high stone wall and the small water feature.

The flowers were easier to photograph without the sun’s glare, particularly those with lighter colors.

We were quite taken with this old little girl and the view behind her of the ancient city wall.

We did eventually make it up to Piazzale Michelangelo in a light rain.  We thought the overcast skies and the wet, shiny surfaces probably improved the photo.

We discovered the threat of rain or a little sprinkle often drives tourists inside.  When we walked back to the heart of Florence, the crowds had thinned out.

Finally, we were able to take some photos of the Baptistry, the Duomo (Cathedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore), and the Bell Tower.  No sun and fewer crowds.

The moral of the story is that rain is not good just for farmers.  Seize the opportunity to take some of your best photos in the mist. While many tourists in Florence that day were sure the rain had ruined their plans, we found it to be a most delightful and productive day.



May 2018

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10 Responses to Forget sunny days on this trip!

  1. A bit of rain after many days of sun can be very welcome and, as you’ve noted, really thin out the crowds. I love your photo of the statue of the little girl and can see why she appealed to you! Anita

  2. I probably should have added – but be careful what you wish for. That is the advice of a couple who have experienced more than their share of rain while travelling.

  3. Every cloud has a silver lining

  4. Merrill says:

    I’m so surprised to hear you’re on a new RTW trip! Envious! But I’m starting to think about our future travels. As you know, the planning can take so long!

    • We plan almost 2 years ahead for the countries and then start to work on the details – which takes the next 1.5 years! Yes, traveling as we do is only for people who love to research, plan and make travel arrangements!

  5. For goodness sake, seeing that rock wall with the climbing roses was worth a rain storm (says the one who stayed home!)

  6. plaidcamper says:

    I always find myself out near midday – rarely a good time to take photographs! Happy to read and see you were treated to better light and lighter crowds. Florence does look really lovely, whatever the weather.

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