Last Chance – choose wisely

We realize now we had frittered away our many visits to one of the most scenic areas in the country.  Now those visits will happen less often and – in a bit of a panic and with some regret – we know we can’t possibly see and do all the things we would like.

Our time on this trip was limited, so we agreed on three places to see and do in the San Francisco Bay Area.

From Cupertino we drove up to San Francisco to visit #3 on our list, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, abbreviated to SFMOMA.  We’d put this off for a long time due to the cost but decided to turn the day into a “vacation” day (and dip into that budget).  What a wonderful day it turned out to be!

The first painting we saw was a portrait of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo as a young married couple – and we were hooked. SFMOMA has a great collection!

A whole room was dedicated to Louise Bourgeois’ magnificent spiders.

We were drawn to the quiet and small paintings of Hung Liu.  They were part of a series called “My Secret Freedom” painted quickly and in secret from 1972-1975 in China as non-sanctioned art when Mao was in power.

Chuck Close’s portraits are always large and require the viewer to stand at a distance.

We always wanted to photograph a close up showing the painting technique Close used to create his portraits. We finally got our chance.  Part of the nose is in the upper left and part of the mouth is in the lower left. If you can’t see it – back far away from the screen and it will appear.

#2 on our list was a quick stop to see the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino.  It’s worth a stop only if you’re in the neighborhood – and we were.

The visitor center featured a huge model of the complex and using the viewing screens handed to us, we could see what was happening inside the buildings.

#1 on our list was the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge.  If you love watching birds this would also be high on your list.  (If you don’t, you might be shaking your heads now.)

Located on the southeastern side of San Francisco Bay, this National Wildlife Refuge is located on the Pacific Flyway, the “highway” for migrating birds.

The American Avocet is one of 220 different bird species found during the year at the refuge.  

One-third of the refuge is salt marsh, home to the California Clapper Rail and the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, both endangered species.

Tomorrow we pack our bags yet again to start a long road trip across the US and Canada.   From the Pacific Ocean in California we head slowly northeast, touch down in Maine two months later, and then swing southward until we are in southern Florida a full seven months from the time we started.  It will be a slow trip, and we hope to see a lot.

While we will have many opportunities to see birds as we drive across the country, we will have fewer opportunities to see glorious art like we enjoyed at SFMOMA or grand architectural feats like Apple’s new campus. San Francisco Bay Area, we enjoyed our visit.  Now we look forward to our chance to discover new places and visiting others we’ve not seen for many years.

Let the adventures begin!



July 2018

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6 Responses to Last Chance – choose wisely

  1. So many visits start out with plenty of time at the beginning, putting things off until later and then cramming everything in at the end! Looks like you picked 3 very memorable places to see before heading east on your next great trip. Enjoy discovering your native country with the eyes of the travelers you are! Anita

  2. You really know how to make travel uniquely yours! Cheers to the many days ahead 😉

  3. Good plan to decide what and when and then stick to it. How exciting to be starting a big road trip. Have fun!

  4. plaidcamper says:

    The SFMOMA is fabulous, and our morning there some years ago was not enough – we will revisit! The bird sanctuary will go on the list, perhaps not the Apple headquarters, but only because my iPad is playing up and I’m annoyed about it…
    Your SW to NE then south again trip? What a prospect, and we look forward to following along!

  5. Have a wonderful trip! I look forward to seeing different parts of the country vicariously.

  6. Enjoy your big road trip.

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