Travelling when the road opens up

Back on the open road, we felt a sense of adventure. We’d never travelled through this part of California before.  Who knew when a great discovery might be at hand?

We were already enjoying our road trip.  We took in the interesting scenery, listened to a good book, and sipped our cold drinks.  And then, traffic slowed to a crawl. Roadwork ahead….

Ah, it’s just a minor setback. We tried to be positive, but that was short-lived.  The map directions to our reserved campsite didn’t match the phone map.  We drove cautiously down a narrow undeveloped road for some way (as we thought this couldn’t possibly be the right direction) and then Prosser Creek Reservoir appeared with some RVs and campers parked not far away.

We set up camp under a few trees in the early evening…

…and spread out a light snack to celebrate our arrival.

We decided there should be time for a short evening stroll.  A trail bisected the road not far past our campsite. The sign for the left trail indicated the way to a Donner Party memorial.  (In case you didn’t know, the Donner Party were wagon train pioneers who got caught in a snowstorm. To survive, many ate those who had died.)  We chose to go in the opposite direction.

After a day on the highway, the quiet woods calmed us with a stillness and isolation from others. We noted wildflowers and birds – and only one far-distant fisherman wading in a river. This was the perfect walk, we thought.

We heard the ATV long before we saw it.  The noise overwhelmed everything, and then came the dust.  We covered our faces and hoped for the best. We took a photo of the dust settling after the ATV was gone.

When the sky got dark, we called it a night and headed back to the tent.  Before sleep, we burrowed into our sleeping bags and looked up at the sky. The stars above were the last thing we saw before we drifted off.

We awoke very early with the morning light streaming into the tent.  On our trip to the outhouse we were rewarded with a view of Prosser Reservoir, defined by perfect stillness and muted color.

The road closed, the road opened up.  Our advice: expect road closures along the way and glory in the beautiful scenery of life.


July 2018

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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4 Responses to Travelling when the road opens up

  1. It looks like a really beautiful drive. You captured awesome pictures on your travel trip. Thank you so much for sharing nice experiences with us.

  2. It’s been years since we backpacked and car-camped but I remember the joys of being outside and the feeling of sleeping under the stars. (I also remember setting up camp once near a decomposing cow and the smell that hit us late at night when the wind shifted!) Your post is a good reminder also that a change in plan or a detour can also be an unanticipated adventure and just as rich an experience as the original plans. Anita

  3. plaidcamper says:

    The ups and downs of road trip life! The little snack you had would iron out a few creases from the day…

  4. I love traveling with little planning, to leave room for exactly these little surprises.

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