Best hike in the Snowy Range

Our friends, DeAnne and John, had left – but we stayed a few more days to hike in Centennial, Wyoming. We asked around for recommendations of a scenic hike and were told to try the North Gap trail. Since we’d already hiked the Lakes Trail (considered by the guidebooks the most scenic trail), we assumed the North Gap trail would be pleasant but nothing too special.  We were so wrong.

The hike followed through a glacial valley, and there we were always in sight of a lake or pond nestled at the base of the snowy peaks.

We continued to watch for wildflowers and photograph whatever was new to us in the area.  We think this flower is a mountain death camas.

We saw other hikers only occasionally, and most were from the bordering states of Colorado or Nebraska. We think this area is still not very well known.  We did pass an enthusiastic group from Americorps and stopped to talk to one member there from New York.  They were busy at work cutting back overgrown foliage blocking the trail. As we continued on we appreciated the cleared path ahead.

With such spectacular scenery, we wondered how the beauty of the area could have stayed secret for so long?

The trail climbed gradually to 11,000’ (3,352 meters) – high enough to walk by snow!

We sat on a big rock by the snowfield and had our snack of nuts and dried fruit. The perfect hike, the perfect day -how lucky are we?

We had more photos to take of wildflowers and butterflies. We wondered how high we’d have to climb before they would disappear.

Even though the trail continued on, we made South Gap Lake the turn-around point for us.

We had a panoramic, scenic view every minute of this hike.  The trail was not at all difficult. For ease of hiking at a high altitude with such breathtaking views, we think it’s the best of the three hikes we did in the Snowy Range. Truly memorable!

We’d like to say we recommend a visit to hike in the Medicine Bow Peaks, but maybe we’re not so anxious to get the word out about such a glorious place.  We wouldn’t want crowds to spoil a good thing.


August 2018

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6 Responses to Best hike in the Snowy Range

  1. It does look like a fabulous hike.

  2. Looks like this hike far exceeded your ‘not-too-special’ expectations. Lovely photos!

  3. Fantastic views and great company along the way! Sounds like perfection to me.

  4. Michele says:

    Spectacularly beautiful!!

  5. plaidcamper says:

    Quiet trails in high glacial valleys are just about the best in hiking. Great photographs from your scenic hike!

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