Better than Expected

We loved our road trip through the American west!  So, Beth was a bit down as we left the western states and turned eastward into Minnesota. The western states had signified what was different for us – different terrain, culture and experiences. The north central states – part of the US Midwest (where we’d grown up), seemed like familiar territory.  We weren’t ready for anything that felt like “home.”

Our friends, Marlee and Kenton, hosted us for a great weekend in Wayzata, Minnesota and showed us a wonderfully unfamiliar place. They didn’t let us down.

We hadn’t been to a state fair since we were children.  How amazing it was to go to the Minnesota State Fair – the largest in the country!

We watched a parade, saw baby animals, ate fair food as we walked (and no, we passed on the deep fried pickles, fried cheese curds, and cookies sold by the bucket-full).  We also saw a dressage competition; visited a statewide display of arts and crafts; and definitely people watched.

We were all tired when we arrived back at Marlee and Kenton’s house by Wayzata Bay.

We walked across the lawn down to their motorboat and Kenton steered us to a restaurant across the bay.  It was a beautiful night for a boat ride across the water.

We said our thanks and hugged goodbye before heading into Minneapolis.

We’d never been to the Walker Art Center, which was only a 10-minute walk from our rented AirBnB apartment.

We headed up to the roof and contemplated “Geometric Mouse – Plan A” by Claes Oldenburg while we waited…

…to play 10 holes of mini-golf on an artfully created course.

We love mini-golf, and Beth was quickly recovering from her funk that Minnesota would be “too much the same.”

By the time we saw the wonderful rocks bathed in colorful, glowing stainless steel by Jim Hodges in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden…

…we decided our travel experience in Minnesota had been anything but ordinary.


September 2018

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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7 Responses to Better than Expected

  1. You passed on the deep fried pickles?!!! They’re considered a real delicacy where we used to live.🙂It sounds like you managed to make the most of your time in Minnesota and discover that you can always make ‘same ole’ a whole lot of fun! Anita

  2. plaidcamper says:

    This was great fun! Passed through Minnesota a few times, and was always struck by the polite and friendly people, tidy small towns, and the largest mosquitos we’ve ever encountered. I wish we’d visited Minneapolis, if only for the outdoor artwork you’ve shared here.

    • Well, we thought the mosquitos were pretty bad in Ontario but when we looked to see if anyone on the internet felt the same, turns out all the comments were how bad mosquitoes are in Minnesota. It was breezy, so we must have just been very, very lucky!

  3. How lovely to go out for dinner via a boat and that glorious view.

    • There’s a first time for everything, and that was our first boat ride to go out to dinner. Coming from places where we’d never been on small boats till adulthood, it seemed the most exotic experience. And, yes, what a beautiful evening!

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