What is in between the Pacific and the Atlantic?

We usually hug the coasts, but it was time to expand our horizons to see what was in between.

Open roads with a view for miles…

Old West as a backdrop for a family photo…

Sunrise over our tent in Badlands National Park…

Culture at the Walker Art Center….

Signage on the beach left by a previous visitor…

Historic roadside statue…

Cape Cod!….


..and that is the condensed version of a 5-month road trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic.


December 2018

About simpletravelourway

Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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6 Responses to What is in between the Pacific and the Atlantic?

  1. Beth and Joe – I am welcoming myself back to wordpress by catching up with your blog (and a couple others!). Should I say welcome home? Are you un-packing your bags yet? I am looking forward to reading more – Susan

    • It is so good to hear from you!!! Wish we could sit down at that little coffee shop in Los Osos and catch up on all that has happened in the past few years. We are still on the road, currently on a road trip heading for a winter in Florida. This month marks our 6th anniversary of non-stop travel. It’s been an amazing adventure! Welcome back!

  2. Loved this “in between” post and your pics! Anita

  3. leggypeggy says:

    Aw, you missed Nebraska.

  4. I’m impressed you were able to choose so few photos! The old west scene looks great.

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