Rescued by friends

We had been camping in our little tent at Myakka River State Park in Florida – far from wifi and weather reports.

We drove over to visit friends who were staying in nearby Sarasota, Florida.   “I’ve already made the bed. Did you know it’s going to start raining later today and not stop until sometime tomorrow?  You can stay here tonight,” our friend Ethel said, surprising us with news that we campers would soon be in the rain.  Who knew the weather was taking a turn for the worse?

We quickly weighed our options.  Hanging out in our tent in the pouring rain isn’t really our idea of fun, so we quickly thanked our friends and settled in for an overnight stay.  Oh, we are so grateful for good friends like Ethel and Warren.

One day’s stay led to two.  We all donned rain jackets and went for a walk at the scenic Rothenbach Park, somewhat protected by the tree canopy.  It stopped raining soon after we started our walk.

By the time we went back to our campsite at Myakka two days later, our dirty, distressed looking tent was just starting to dry out. The site looked rather pitiful.  We thought back to Ethel and Warren’s generous hospitality, all of us chatting till late in the evening, and the wonderful dinner served – topped off with chocolate covered strawberries.  They had saved us from a few, very miserable, rainy days in style and comfort.

The sun appeared the next morning – just in time to pack up and check out of the campsite. We drove to the Gulf coast for a reunion with Beth’s high school classmate, Ginny.

Ginny and husband Mike invited us to stay for a few days in their beachside condo.

We had not seen each other in 50+ years. Would we even recognize each other, let alone have anything in common?  The minute we saw each other, it was clear this would be a lovely reunion of old friends.

The view from their screened porch overlooking the harbor.

Ginny knew we’d enjoy walking on Caspersen Beach to search for shark’s teeth fossils.  She found a few and graciously gave them to us so we wouldn’t leave empty-handed.

Beth and Ginny have known each other for over half a century, and we have known Warren and Ethel for almost that long.  These lovely old friends turned 4 days of our Florida visit into a memorable event!


February 2019

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5 Responses to Rescued by friends

  1. How nice to catch up with friends, almost literally! Happy travels up the east coast 🙂 – Susan

  2. Cliff Mail says:

    Good choice – stuck in a small tent in the rain is not fun – in fact, stuck in any tent in the rain is not fun – actually, a lot of activities are spoilt by the rain – well that is certainly our experience. The alternative looked great.

  3. Much nicer to be indoors instead of a tent in pouring rain. And how lovely to spend time with dear friends.

  4. plaidcamper says:

    Lovely to have that respite from rain when camping! Happy to see the blue skies returned, and your camping gear is ok.
    We’re heading out next weekend, a backcountry trip by boat into the rainforest, the location in close proximity to what is reputed to be the second rainiest place in Canada – the long range forecast is for some sun and dry, but elders are preparing for quite the opposite…

    • It’s intimidating to to take a backcountry trip into rain – unless you have a really great company and fabulous book. We’ve been more lucky than not when we head out on these trips. Hope you are too!

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