The ultimate destination

Who doesn’t love to talk about future travel destinations?  In the early days, we would throw out names of places we hadn’t yet traveled.   New Zealand, Iceland, Bhutan, Peru…. And if we decided to visit, we fantasized about long stops at nearby destinations (as long as we were in that area!).   If we traveled to Portugal, shall we continue on to Spain?  How about adding Australia to our itinerary when we fly to New Zealand?

We took a long walk in our fifth year of non-stop travel and picked up the discussion right where we’d last left off about the travel plans for the next year. For the first time ever, no new places came forth.  Many places we wanted to go had already been eliminated from our discussion as not affordable, too dangerous, or too difficult for a longer stay.  We started to talk halfheartedly about revisiting places we’d already been.

It’s then that we knew the time had come for us to travel to our ultimate destination, and we began to make the plans.

When we refer to a destination as “ultimate” we mean “best” and “last”.  To be the best destination for an extended stay, we agreed on our list of criteria, that included:

An interesting environment filled with trees and flowers….

Birds and butterflies (like the common buckeye)…

…and all sorts of little creatures like this toad (an eastern American toad?)

We yearned to get back to some of our favorite activities.

For Joe, an avid cyclist, that meant riding a bike gifted to him by his friend, David.

Beth wanted to pursue arts and crafts – like sewing 12 little songbirds.

We hoped for a place where we could pursue our interest in photography, especially in all the natural elements around us.  A friend identified this as a black + blue widow skimmer dragonfly, snapped late one afternoon in the meadow.

The criteria for the ultimate destination was extensive and thoroughly discussed.  We agreed on every point.  Of course, the ultimate destination also means the last destination.

….to be continued….


August 2019

About simpletravelourway

Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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8 Responses to The ultimate destination

  1. I love your songbird! How much fun you must have had creating it. I too have been having fun trying out sketching as my new hobby and just bought a Bernina sewing machine with the idea of piecing together a quilt or pillow cover at some point. Traveling is a great way of life but it’s huge fun to find there are many other enjoyable activities to engage ourselves in as well. Anita 🙂

  2. Lady Caladium says:

    That toad is sooo cute!

  3. Beth and Joe – argggggghhh….the tension of having to wait. (even though I’m pretty sure I know where you are, it’s a delightful tease) Also – that is a fab looking cycle, and a fabulous little bird! Always – Susan

  4. Marti Weston says:

    OK, ok, but don’t wait too long for part two! You have taken us along on such amazing adventures!

  5. plaidcamper says:

    To be continued?! Cliffhanger, and I’m looking forward to the reveal…

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