The trip of a lifetime (depending on who you ask)

We promised to take our grandchildren on a memorable trip with us.  Their parents were not invited.  We wanted this to be a trip (we hoped) they’d remember the rest of their lives.

We gave the trips with our grandchildren considerable thought over the years.  The destinations needed to be one their parents were not likely to take them to.  The activities should spark their interest, but we also wanted to open up new horizons for them.

Our two oldest grandchildren, Ainsley and Luke, accompanied us on a trip to the Netherlands in 2018. We focused on biking, visiting museums like the Rijksmuseum (photo), and trying different cuisines on restaurant excursions every night.

Now the time had come for the younger cousins, Camden and Nick, to accompany us on their own trip.  We quizzed them about their interests and made the momentous decision:

Our destination would be the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica where we could all see wild animals and birds (like the chestnut-mandibled toucan)….

…swim in the lower pool of a waterfall at Corcovado National Park, ….

…and find out about bugs on the Bug Lady Tour.

We knew it would be a great trip for the boys.  And on this adventure, we grandparents wanted reinforcements.  Our son, Joshua, mentioned if we needed help, he and partner, Tanya, would be happy to join us.  Yes!  We knew the boys would be delighted to have their wonderful uncle and aunt join us for the trip.  In addition, we knew we could count on the expert guides from our lodge to help us see animals, birds and bugs.

We flew on a small plane from San Jose, Costa Rica.

Everyone spent the short flight taking in the scenery below, and excitement grew when the Gulfo Dulce came into sight and we flew over the heavily wooded Osa Peninsula.  The plane landed on an airstrip at Drake Bay on the Pacific coast.

We were met by our driver from La Paloma Lodge.  The 4-wheel drive vehicle took off through the forest, dropping down into and crossing 2 rivers.  (That was exciting!)  The vehicle stopped at a beach where a little boat awaited us.

We waded into the water, climbed aboard, and within minutes we docked at La Paloma.  (Photo: Tanya, Camden (age 11) and Nick (age 10))

After two years of planning, we had arrived!

Tanya turned to us and said, “This is the trip of a lifetime.”

We hope in time our grandsons will think so, too.


December 2019


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7 Responses to The trip of a lifetime (depending on who you ask)

  1. What an adventure and how great to have some help too. I’m sure the boys will have wonderful memories.

    • Oh, we do hope our grandsons look back on this as a great trip. They drew some remembrances in their journals while we were there and it was clear they were taking it all in. Time will tell. As for us – we had a wonderful time and enjoyed their company – and that says a lot!

  2. What wonderful grandparents you are!!

  3. Bernice Rowe says:

    Both Nick and Luke already do tell great stories, know how much Nona and Papa love them, and will never forget feeling special being with you. B🤶

  4. Merrill says:

    May it inspire a lifetime of trips!

  5. leggypeggy says:

    We hope so too. Our family just gathered for two weeks in Taiwan. It was a great success.

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