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6 years of testing to find the perfect home

We spent 2,250 consecutive days living in 388 different houses, apartments, hotels and campsites in our own country and around the world.  Who does this?  We are happy to say it was a wonderful travel opportunity. It was also a … Continue reading

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Time and isolation: here’s our response

In our previous life, we traveled.  Month after month.  Country after country.  And then, it was over.  Everyone asks, “Do you miss it?”  It’s complicated to answer. We loved our walks every day on our travels through varying landscapes. We … Continue reading

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Thoughts on guided tours, high seasons, and rental cars

  We learn from observation, but mostly we learn from our mistakes.  That is where our trip to Alaska comes in.  We’d been working hard and desparatly wanted to take a trip but didn’t have time to plan one.  We … Continue reading

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What better time to plan the next memorable adventure?

Do you find yourself dreaming about taking a trip to a far-away destination? Especially now…  Life will never be the “normal” we once had but will be different. Where are we now? We’re self-isolated in our little cottage due to … Continue reading

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Good for you

A habit we developed years ago stuck with us.  In the beginning we took short walks pushing a baby carriage.  Every day we found time for a good walk and soon it became a habit. A decade later we had … Continue reading

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Hiding in plain sight

The coolest activity to do – and not for the faint of heart – is a night tour with the Bug Lady in Drake Bay, Costa Rica with the sole purpose of seeing and learning about things that go creeping … Continue reading

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The unexpected joy of young travel companions

We usually travel alone.  Sometimes a friend or two will join us, but we rarely have child companions.  That may be due to a lack of confidence on our parts.  Would we be their best travel companions?  Anticipating a trip … Continue reading

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We don’t know what we don’t know

No matter how we tried to juggle our travel schedule there was a gap.  A 5-day stay at La Paloma Lodge in Drake Bay, Costa Rica included 2 excursions.  One was a snorkeling trip in the open ocean that we … Continue reading

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Where we saw 3 monkey species, a garlic tree, and swam in a waterfall

We traveled to many of the U.S. National Parks for their magnificent scenery.  If we think all national parks are alike, consider Corcovado National Park, located on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, and compare it to Everglades National Park in … Continue reading

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The trip of a lifetime (depending on who you ask)

We promised to take our grandchildren on a memorable trip with us.  Their parents were not invited.  We wanted this to be a trip (we hoped) they’d remember the rest of their lives. We gave the trips with our grandchildren … Continue reading

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