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A hotel nightmare solved in a most unusual way

Traveling non-stop for over 5 years (that’s almost 2,000 nights on the road in hotels and AirBnBs) comes with surprises. We can still be thrilled with the rare, truly great place to stay – as well as annoyed that on … Continue reading

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What to do: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Who plans to stay 22 days in Siem Reap, Cambodia? We envisioned seeing as many archaeological sites as we could take in and thought more leisure time would be a bonus – but would that fill up 22 days? We … Continue reading

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Visiting Angkor? (Lesson 4 for a major site.)

A visit to Angkor Wat is the trip of a lifetime. There aren’t too many other destinations in the world that rank as highly, and for many of us, it takes considerable resources to get there. If you’re lucky enough … Continue reading

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Ruins in the jungle

When we visited 4 years ago, we told each other we had to return. The great complex of the Angkor Archaeological Park extended far beyond what we were able to see on our first trip. We wanted to see more. … Continue reading

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Our two travel mistakes (you also won’t want to make)

We travel 365 days/year, year after year, and even we might have thought rookie travel mistakes were all in our past. But no, we went halfway around the world to a little island tucked far away in the Mekong River … Continue reading

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Passing time on an island

In every review of Don Khon Island the potential visitor is warned that there is not much to do but lie in a hammock and relax. We thought that certainly there must be more to do than that, and we … Continue reading

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Travel days call for patience and flexibility

Some complicated travel days weigh on us. Will we have enough patience and flexibility to get to our destination? We tell ourselves it’s just a matter of passing time, and we WILL get there. This is the tale of one … Continue reading

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Bolaven without the motorbikes

We read the many accounts of travelers hopping on rented motorbikes and touring the high plateau of Bolaven in Laos. We decided to pass on that one, but Bolaven popped up as an afternoon option to tag on to our … Continue reading

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If in doubt, add a UNESCO World Heritage Site to your itinerary

We considered many places to visit in Laos. Our traveling companions, Cliff and Ruth, threw in suggestions, and we added more. We’re all slow travelers, preferring to stay in a destination for what seems an inordinately long time to most … Continue reading

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Travel planning is just a big jigsaw puzzle

Well over a year ago we sat down with a lot of ideas for a trip around the world, starting in Southeast Asia. We started to piece it all together slowly, but surely. We saw all the pieces coming together, … Continue reading

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