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Take your Parents to Work Day

Our son, Josh, offered to take us to his workplace. The day turned out to be a little twist on the usual “Take Your Child To Work” day. We drove to the Cully Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon and there, tucked … Continue reading

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We do love our visits to Portland, Oregon, and who wouldn’t? Style, vitality, flair… We’ll let photos tell our story: Select just 7 photos of your last trip to tell your own the story. “Less is more!”   June 2017

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Everyone has a camera (and opinion)

Sometimes there are just too many things to focus our attention on. We became easily distracted. Instead of looking at the prize-winning roses in the International Rose Test Garden, our attention was drawn to all the lovely people there doing … Continue reading

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Try a foreign destination: take a U.S. Road Trip

Our “places-we’d-most-like-to-visit” list starts and ends with foreign destinations, but somehow a few National Parks in the U.S. managed to sneak in there. Our version of a road trip was just a little different. The plan did not call for … Continue reading

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The gift of a new climate

What is our ideal travel weather? Warm, sunny, and always dry. We knew Portland would be cool, overcast and rainy, but we had no choice. It was time to prepare for our upcoming seven-month trip to South America, and this … Continue reading

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A calm moment

  Winter has come. We drove 15 miles per hour over the mountain pass in our little car and felt the quiet a snowfall brings.         We were in another world in this calm winter wonderland. No … Continue reading

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A chain of events

We packed our bags, ready to leave the rainy cool weather in Portland, Oregon. We planned to head south for warmer temperatures and sunny days. Our son casually mentioned that we needed tire chains if we drove the main highway … Continue reading

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