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Enjoy your inheritance

An inheritance can be a wonderful thing – as well as a burden. We’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy it and accept (what seems to us) the minor burdens that come with such a great gift. Our inheritance is a … Continue reading

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If we were to do it again – what changes would we make?

We’re back from our 7-month trip to South America, and the trip exceeded our expectations. Even so, it’s always good to look back to assess what really went well and what we might have done differently. We’re guessing that honing … Continue reading

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Vacation for 50+ weeks a year

We jumped into the great unknown when we ended our apartment lease, gave away almost all of our possessions, put two suitcases in the trunk of our old battered car, and headed down the road. We haven’t looked back in … Continue reading

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Seize the opportunity (while you still can)

  We ticked off the places that we wanted to see some years ago, and, with each place named, wonderful images came to mind: “New Zealand …Venice and the Dolomite Mountains … Vietnam … Costa Rica … Arches National Park…” … Continue reading

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What did they say?

As we walked down the tree-lined street, a couple crossed our path, and we overheard her say in a slightly raised and exasperated voice, “So, you think it would be better for me to stay with you, even if I’d … Continue reading

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Why we stay where we stay

We gave up the lease on our apartment, gave away most of our stuff, and have been traveling the last 884 days. (Wow!) People are concerned about us. No home? They shake their heads. For us, home is where we … Continue reading

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Trip planning: a new lesson learned

We knew that someday we’d visit the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador, and knew just how we’d do it. A trip-of-a-lifetime deserved the best. Years ago we pored over the photos in the National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions … Continue reading

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