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Try a foreign destination: take a U.S. Road Trip

Our “places-we’d-most-like-to-visit” list starts and ends with foreign destinations, but somehow a few National Parks in the U.S. managed to sneak in there. Our version of a road trip was just a little different. The plan did not call for … Continue reading

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Livingston, Montana

Why not stop for a week in a quaint small town? Find a sweet little place to stay in a faraway place, and just enjoy what the town has to offer. And so we did. We found Livingston, Montana. Months … Continue reading

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Plotting a return

Four years ago we spent two memorable days at Casa San Pedro near Sierra Vista, Arizona. Ever since, we’ve plotted a return to the area. We know it’s not exactly a hot spot on most vacationers’ lists, but it has … Continue reading

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Rain or climb?

Did we already say that Cuenca is at 8,350’? After a few weeks here, we felt nearly acclimatized, but we knew we weren’t quite there yet. How could we tell? Every day the online weather forecast showed rain clouds for … Continue reading

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one way to plan a BIG trip

It all started with three great destinations: Galapagos Islands off Ecuador, Machu Picchu in Peru, and Bahia Bustamante in Argentina.  How could we possibly choose between them? They’re on the same continent, so we reasoned, “Wouldn’t it be possible to … Continue reading

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Sliding into soothing warm weather

We had never lived in a warm climate in the wintertime. Thinking how we wanted to spend our traveling years centered on spending time in far-away, long-dreamed-of warm places. We stayed for a few winter months last year in sunny … Continue reading

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The extravagance of time when traveling

We take our time when we travel. When we visit a place, we often stay for 3 or 4 weeks in an AirBnb. We probably see the same sites as a traveler who has one week and packs it all … Continue reading

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