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Forget sunny days on this trip!

We welcomed the sunny skies on this trip until we realized our photography suffered from the glare and shadows.  Bring on the clouds, the darkening skies, and even a little mist!  All would be welcome. After too many days straight … Continue reading

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Stretching ourselves

We needed a break from touring museums and the crowds. On a beautiful sunny day, we started our walk, passing through the Porta Romana, the southernmost gate in the walls leaving the old city of Florence.  We had a destination in … Continue reading

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Hidden and private

On a walk in our new Florence neighborhood – the Oltrarno area – we discovered something rather mysterious. A very long and very high wall extended the length of several city blocks near our apartment. We could see glorious mature trees … Continue reading

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The main attractions

Almost all tourists to Florence, Italy follow a well-worn path to the top three sites, and we were no exception: We discovered on our first visit that Florence has so much more to see than can be done in a … Continue reading

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No perfect place for next

Several years ago we started to plot out where to go on this year’s round-the-world trip.   The beginning fell right into place. Somehow we just couldn’t figure out a good place to go in between. Where to go for the … Continue reading

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We stood on a street corner by Molly Malone’s waiting.  A car pulled up. The driver and passenger waved to us. We opened the door hesitantly.  “Duncan?” we said, and, when he smiled and said yes, we piled into the … Continue reading

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