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A tradition takes hold

We were young, newly married, and didn’t want to fall back on either family’s traditions.  When our children were little, we started to drive to Washington, DC for Thanksgiving to visit Beth’s brother.  We didn’t know it at the time, … Continue reading

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Travel plans for what to do? Not much.

We have our travel destinations planned out for a year in advance, but, if you ask us what we plan to do while we’re at most of them, we don’t have a clue.  We had booked our next stop at … Continue reading

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Better than Expected

We loved our road trip through the American west!  So, Beth was a bit down as we left the western states and turned eastward into Minnesota. The western states had signified what was different for us – different terrain, culture … Continue reading

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Last Chance – choose wisely

We realize now we had frittered away our many visits to one of the most scenic areas in the country.  Now those visits will happen less often and – in a bit of a panic and with some regret – … Continue reading

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It looked so easy

Before Beth started making her first mosaic piece at the Mosaic Art School, she had no idea there was more than one way to make a mosaic or how technically challenging making a mosaic could be. There were many steps … Continue reading

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500 days to wait for her 1st day of school

Almost two years ago, Beth’s friend, Nan, highly recommended a mosaics class she had recently taken in Ravenna, Italy.  Beth started to dream about how wonderful it would be to take the class, too.  She wrote to the Mosaic Art … Continue reading

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ALTERED: our strategy for a day in Seville

It’s best to know when to toss aside your day’s travel plan, and, when you do, to give in gracefully to defeat and reshape the day so that it becomes memorable. Who knows? As time passes, we might not even … Continue reading

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That we were returning to Portugal surprised our friends. Here’s one of many good reasons for us to return: after traveling around the world, we think that no country surpasses Portugal for its street art. Our first visit to Portugal … Continue reading

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Something we could all use

So many things in life can bring us down. One thing we have found that adds a touch of sheer joy is turning a corner and discovering a grand work of art. Cascais is a beach resort town on the … Continue reading

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The painted trail

We wanted to take a good long walk, but there was only one hiking trail in the entire national park. Really?! It seemed impossible that there would only be one, and that one would be a short trail: 2.5 miles … Continue reading

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