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You’re headed for the beach, warm sun, and waves

No matter where you are and no matter what you are doing, you can imagine yourself transported to the beach.  The sun is so wonderfully warm on your skin.  Take off your shoes and let the hot sand ooze up … Continue reading

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When everything comes together…

Cloudy skies and a not-so-great AirBnB on Tybee Island, Georgia threatened our plan for a lovely seaside stay.  We decided to escape to the beach.  When we headed off for a walk, it was cool, and the grey sky showed … Continue reading

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Follow the Leader (in travel planning)

When we travel, we usually stay at each destination for many days — often up to a month. It may surprise you to know that we don’t usually have much planned to do once we arrive. This may be backwards, … Continue reading

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A quiet Portugal beach at the end of summer

Everyone complained about so many tourists and crowded Portugal beaches in the summer. We were so thrilled to be  at sandy, pristine beaches in Lagos that the crowds seemed a small price to pay. We rarely sat on the beach … Continue reading

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The beach quiets down

We’ve been in Cascais for a month, and every day we walk a short block to the beach to observe the busy life of a beach resort. Cascais has been full to overflowing with tourists from Portugal and all over … Continue reading

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A favorite country. A different place.

We had a lovely time in Madeira and loved Porto. Should we go back to Portugal? YES! This time we’d go somewhere new, but where? We ticked off what we should look for: a smallish city, a beautiful place with … Continue reading

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Basket boats at the beach

What were those little dots bobbing just off the coast in the South China Sea? Vietnamese Basket Boats.  When France ruled Vietnam, a tax was levied on boats.  Resourceful Vietnamese stopped using boats and switched to large baskets for fishing, … Continue reading

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