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Car camping our way

We started tent camping many, many years ago with equipment that we’re not even sure they still make.  It seemed that, as soon as we learned how to camp, we quickly devised a style of our own. We loved the … Continue reading

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Black Hills vs the Badlands

We guess if you aren’t from the area, you don’t have a clue what the differences are between the Black Hills and the Badlands.  (Many people think they are one and the same – as well as thinking this is … Continue reading

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Celebrating another national park

When choosing a travel destination – we’ve never been disappointed by visiting a national park.  The scenery is spectacular, and we always take advantage of the good interpretive programs to understand its many wonders. Our first visit to a national … Continue reading

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Travelling when the road opens up

Back on the open road, we felt a sense of adventure. We’d never travelled through this part of California before.  Who knew when a great discovery might be at hand? Ah, it’s just a minor setback. We tried to be positive, … Continue reading

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Preparation required

Some travel destinations are easy. You pack; you go. All is so simple when you arrive. Take this advice from us: do your homework before you take a trip to Canyonlands National Park (Needles and Maze Districts). There is no … Continue reading

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An athletic contest in Maasai country

How did the contest begin?  We walked through the Maasai Steppe with our guides in the late afternoon.  Chagamba walked in front with a rifle and our Maasai guides walked in the rear with their spears.  Did someone ask just … Continue reading

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Take in the view

Phil stood on the bench, stretched his long leg onto the iron fence and with the other leaped on to the huge boulder.  He sat down, enjoyed the view, and we snapped his photo. Our friends, Gretchen and Phil, live … Continue reading

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There’s a bear in this story…

…I promise.  Our tale began with a search to see the largest trees in California: the redwoods. We camped near the redwood forests driving many miles down a side road to Albee Creek Campground.  Signs were posted that bear lived … Continue reading

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“Apologize like you mean it… And like you want a marshmallow tonight.”

…said an annoyed mom to a misbehaving 6 yr old, midway through our camping trip. Four children and four adults. Everyone had a good time, but there were moments with the children.  Reason usually prevailed, occasionally bribes. However, the story … Continue reading

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Going our separate ways

We do a lot together.  In fact, on this trip we’ve been together almost every minute of every day for the last 5 months.  Our friend, Gretchen, wrote and asked just how that was going. To our surprise – not … Continue reading

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