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Best hike in the Snowy Range

Our friends, DeAnne and John, had left – but we stayed a few more days to hike in Centennial, Wyoming. We asked around for recommendations of a scenic hike and were told to try the North Gap trail. Since we’d … Continue reading

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A welcome surprise in Wyoming

People with cameras gathered ahead.  Our friend, John, pulled the car over to the side of the road. He correctly predicted there must be an animal sighting.  Yes, indeed!  This was one more delightful surprise in our traveling life. How … Continue reading

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Picturesque – and then some

We hit road construction soon after we left Steamboat Springs. Still, the scenery as we climbed through the mountains and across northern Colorado was inspiring. By mid-afternoon we arrived at Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, created to provide a habitat for nesting … Continue reading

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We go back again and again

Many of our friends vacation at the same place every year.  We ask ourselves, “WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?”  As a rule, we almost always go to a new destination.  We love to explore, see new places, and walk new … Continue reading

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