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Our Best of the Best #3: great ruins, discoveries, and places to hike

In four years of nonstop traveling – and many trips before that – we definitely have some favorites, and, now, we’re ready to share a few of those. Our favorite ancient ruins: Angkor Wat in Cambodia; Ephesus and Afrodiasas in … Continue reading

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Thousands of tiny stones and glass

The immense stone columns at archaeological sites may be the first thing you notice, but, then, the tiny bits of stone and glass forming the ancient mosaics draw you in for a careful study.  Mosaics are a clear depiction of … Continue reading

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Baby Storks

Where we’re from there aren’t any storks.  OK, we’re not counting the mythical storks who bring babies to loving families.  So, it was a surprise to arrive in Selcuk, Turkey, site of the famous archaeological site, Ephesus, and discover storks. … Continue reading

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Turkey: Side trip to Aphrodisias

We were with our friends, Meg and Aaron, in Pamukkale, Turkey when Aaron suggested we change our itinerary.  He’d read about the site of Aphrodisias, archaeological ruins dating back to before the 1st century BC.   It’s a bit off the … Continue reading

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