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Photography in Steamboat Springs

Last time we visited Steamboat Springs, Colorado we skied and played in the snow. What would we do on a summer visit by ourselves?  We counted on wonderful hiking… We visited three times during our week in Steamboat Springs – … Continue reading

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Time for a relaxing walk through the park

Does anyone besides us sometimes feel that sightseeing can become overwhelming and what’s needed is to take a step back – a BIG step back? We had visited three great sites in three days, and it was time to take … Continue reading

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Treasure discovered by the ancient wall

It was a treasure discovered by sheer luck – which happened on a hot day in Lagos, Portugal. The sun seemed to be following us without mercy as we walked on cobblestones through the old city. When we spotted one … Continue reading

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Don’t touch

Our friend, Jeannie, came to visit. We decided Moorten Botanical Garden should be at the top of our things-to-do list in Palm Springs, since she is an amazing gardener (more on her garden here). On Wednesday afternoon, we walked over … Continue reading

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A fort. A garden. (Thankfully, not a parking lot.)

We needed some exercise after three rainy days.   If we walked up the hill in Astoria, we’d be guaranteed great views of the Columbia River and see some stately old homes as well. That’s when we came upon the historical … Continue reading

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“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece” ― Claude Monet

We visited Monet’s garden in Giverny, France.  Anyone who loves gardens can understand how Monet felt. We’ve visited many acclaimed gardens on our travels – Longwood in Pennsylvania, Filoli in California, Busch in Vancouver. What we loved about these gardens … Continue reading

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Hard to find and neglected – but still beautiful

Friday seemed like a good day for a walk in a garden. We walked up the steep hill to visit Quinta Palmeira but couldn’t find the entrance gate. A tall stonewall stood between us and the garden. We studied the … Continue reading

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The secret garden

We walked down a little lane in the late afternoon and discovered a tall, stately, and very old brick wall with narrow slats allowing the observer to catch a glimpse inside.  We peeked in from a distance and were surprised … Continue reading

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The Warm Up

A proper warm up before exercise has many benefits for athletes, we are told.  We believe a proper warm up might be the perfect way to prepare for an extended trip.  We’re plunging off the deep end in just over … Continue reading

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A Day with Three Scenes

When you visit a big city you think you know what it will be like: brace yourself for crowds, gritty streets, fast-paced action.   What did we find our first day when we visited Houston, Texas?  Scene 1: The Japanese Garden … Continue reading

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