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A garden tucked into a park

As our car zipped down the highway into Minneapolis, we saw a sign for a garden.  Not too far away, we thought.  We remembered the garden a few days later and headed back to check it out with our old … Continue reading

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selecting THE name

Choosing a name – just the right name – is not at all easy. A long account can be spoken or written as a definition, but to name a person, object, or event requires finding the perfectly simple word or … Continue reading

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Hidden and private

On a walk in our new Florence neighborhood – the Oltrarno area – we discovered something rather mysterious. A very long and very high wall extended the length of several city blocks near our apartment. We could see glorious mature trees … Continue reading

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The (not so) deep sleep

We landed in Portland, Oregon, and it’s here that we’ll spend the first weeks of winter. Days of shortest daylight…Days of damp cold. We tried to stay cozy and warm in our little place, but every day we roused ourselves, … Continue reading

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What happened in the formal garden

Our three-week stay in Jerez de la Frontera was relaxed and always interesting. Why would we want to leave, even for a day? One of the most important sites in Spain was a day trip away: the Alcázar in Seville. … Continue reading

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Everyone has a camera (and opinion)

Sometimes there are just too many things to focus our attention on. We became easily distracted. Instead of looking at the prize-winning roses in the International Rose Test Garden, our attention was drawn to all the lovely people there doing … Continue reading

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The gift of a new climate

What is our ideal travel weather? Warm, sunny, and always dry. We knew Portland would be cool, overcast and rainy, but we had no choice. It was time to prepare for our upcoming seven-month trip to South America, and this … Continue reading

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Gardens under water

We have visited and photographed gardens all over the world. It occurred to us that some of the most amazing “gardenscapes” we’d ever seen were at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Check it out: We love gardens, and these Technicolor marine … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s best to be satisfied with the little things

They met in Paris in the 1920’s and became friends. She was an orphaned girl who lived with her adoptive, domineering mother. He was an exiled Georgian Prince of Abkhazi. She settled in Shanghai. They both ended up interned in … Continue reading

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Spring Migration

The last two winters we have followed the birds to warmer climes.   Then, just like the birds, when spring arrived, we started to slowly move north. Our migration this spring began with a scenic 2-hour drive from Pasadena to Santa … Continue reading

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