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Try a foreign destination: take a U.S. Road Trip

Our “places-we’d-most-like-to-visit” list starts and ends with foreign destinations, but somehow a few National Parks in the U.S. managed to sneak in there. Our version of a road trip was just a little different. The plan did not call for … Continue reading

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The high point of the trip was rough around the edges

A dream about a longed-for travel destination can take on a life of its own. We visited Glacier National Park in northern Montana many years ago and hadn’t realized in our planning that the park extended north across the border … Continue reading

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First, things fall apart

We had a great plan to camp in Glacier National Park. So what happened? We looked at the weather report a week or so before our arrival date, and it didn’t look good: lots of rain and cold weather.   Don’t … Continue reading

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