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A welcome surprise in Wyoming

People with cameras gathered ahead.  Our friend, John, pulled the car over to the side of the road. He correctly predicted there must be an animal sighting.  Yes, indeed!  This was one more delightful surprise in our traveling life. How … Continue reading

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Picturesque – and then some

We hit road construction soon after we left Steamboat Springs. Still, the scenery as we climbed through the mountains and across northern Colorado was inspiring. By mid-afternoon we arrived at Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, created to provide a habitat for nesting … Continue reading

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Outdoors in the desert rain

We did not expect rain on our 4-day camping trip in a desert national park.  The rain began our first night as we washed up after dinner. The forecast for the next day called for rain later in the afternoon.  … Continue reading

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A calm and colorful point

We were ready to get back on the road; ready to have our days dictated by unexpected good things falling into place for us; ready to see all that was new around us.  Point Reyes National Seashore hung on our … Continue reading

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Hiking in the Grand Tetons

When we planned our visit to Grand Teton National Park for mid-May, we were thinking like people who grew up in Ohio. Mid-May in Ohio can be very warm – time for shorts and t-shirts. We always considered the official … Continue reading

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Preparation required

Some travel destinations are easy. You pack; you go. All is so simple when you arrive. Take this advice from us: do your homework before you take a trip to Canyonlands National Park (Needles and Maze Districts). There is no … Continue reading

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Painting the desert

We had waited too late. Just at the point where we started to climb up the switchback trail at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, the sun seemed to get hotter. We hiked back down to the desert floor. Why does it … Continue reading

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Our Best of the Best #3: great ruins, discoveries, and places to hike

In four years of nonstop traveling – and many trips before that – we definitely have some favorites, and, now, we’re ready to share a few of those. Our favorite ancient ruins: Angkor Wat in Cambodia; Ephesus and Afrodiasas in … Continue reading

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Advice for visiting Inca ruins: Combine Moray and Maras (and add a hike)

We hired a taxi to transport us for the day. What would be an unthinkable expense in many countries cost only $17/each, since we shared the expense with our cousins, Susie and Tom. Our driver dropped us at our first … Continue reading

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The best (so far)

We walk every day and sometimes head out for a good hike. We’ve tried a dozen trails or so in the Palm Springs area during our visits and all have been good.   Some were more scenic, had better maintained and … Continue reading

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