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The (not so) deep sleep

We landed in Portland, Oregon, and it’s here that we’ll spend the first weeks of winter. Days of shortest daylight…Days of damp cold. We tried to stay cozy and warm in our little place, but every day we roused ourselves, … Continue reading

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A family tradition passed on

We exchanged gifts every year with family, but there came a year when it was obvious to all – do we need all these gifts? And why are we still doing this? We were middle-aged, long past needing extra things … Continue reading

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Follow the Leader (in travel planning)

When we travel, we usually stay at each destination for many days — often up to a month. It may surprise you to know that we don’t usually have much planned to do once we arrive. This may be backwards, … Continue reading

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We do love our visits to Portland, Oregon, and who wouldn’t? Style, vitality, flair… We’ll let photos tell our story: Select just 7 photos of your last trip to tell your own the story. “Less is more!”   June 2017

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Everyone has a camera (and opinion)

Sometimes there are just too many things to focus our attention on. We became easily distracted. Instead of looking at the prize-winning roses in the International Rose Test Garden, our attention was drawn to all the lovely people there doing … Continue reading

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Portland is an EIFP

Hey, what do we know after several extended visits to Portland, Oregon? We’re going to go out on a limb and say that if Portland could take a personality test (the well-known Myers-Briggs), we think Portland would find its type … Continue reading

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We knew we’d arrived when the white wall of the classical Chinese garden came into view. The best place to be on a hot day was seated in shady pavilion, admiring the lotus flowers on the lake.  Tranquility settled in … Continue reading

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What’s hot in Portland

As we travel sometimes we are slow to pick up on what’s really worth doing at our new destination. Shortly after arriving in Portland, we went to a dinner party of old friends, and everybody was talking about the Thorns. … Continue reading

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A brief intermission

When we drove into Portland, we knew really good food would be on our table. Portland is a “foodie” town with a devotion to local, small farm-grown food (and if it’s organic that’s all the better). Cafes and restaurants take … Continue reading

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Visiting the big island

We housesat in Portland while Josh and Tanya flew off to Hawaii’s big island. We thought of them lazing on sandy beaches by the blue sea, and we wished that we’d thought to escape to the island, too. Well, we’d … Continue reading

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