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Two ways to do a road trip

We took our first road trip when we were in our 20’s, and we knew then just how to do it.  We played loud music as we drove great distances.  We rarely stopped.  The point seemed to be centered on … Continue reading

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What is in between the Pacific and the Atlantic?

We usually hug the coasts, but it was time to expand our horizons to see what was in between.   ..and that is the condensed version of a 5-month road trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic.   December 2018

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Consider this

We came back to Washington for a visit after a year’s absence and things were decidedly NOT the same.  We were astounded when we took walks in our neighborhood on Capital Hill with the number of houses displaying signs for … Continue reading

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Crowded and cold

Whenever we travel we need to make choices matching best places to visit with the best time of year to be there.  We prefer to visit places when the weather is warm, and there’s little chance of rain. Planning our 9-month … Continue reading

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Black Hills vs the Badlands

We guess if you aren’t from the area, you don’t have a clue what the differences are between the Black Hills and the Badlands.  (Many people think they are one and the same – as well as thinking this is … Continue reading

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Travelling when the road opens up

Back on the open road, we felt a sense of adventure. We’d never travelled through this part of California before.  Who knew when a great discovery might be at hand? Ah, it’s just a minor setback. We tried to be positive, … Continue reading

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Try a foreign destination: take a U.S. Road Trip

Our “places-we’d-most-like-to-visit” list starts and ends with foreign destinations, but somehow a few National Parks in the U.S. managed to sneak in there. Our version of a road trip was just a little different. The plan did not call for … Continue reading

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