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Snapping what passes by

At one point we were 25 miles from the US-Mexico border in the Sonoran Desert of California. We enjoyed unseasonably hot February weather. Visiting the glorious protected park lands had been a wonderful way to spend the last few months, … Continue reading

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A calm moment

  Winter has come. We drove 15 miles per hour over the mountain pass in our little car and felt the quiet a snowfall brings.         We were in another world in this calm winter wonderland. No … Continue reading

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A chain of events

We packed our bags, ready to leave the rainy cool weather in Portland, Oregon. We planned to head south for warmer temperatures and sunny days. Our son casually mentioned that we needed tire chains if we drove the main highway … Continue reading

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Accelerating to the east

We looked forward to another road trip — and this time, in a little rental (bright red!) Fiat 500. The plan? Enjoy the view as we sped down the highway to make lots of stops to visit friends and family. … Continue reading

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Know where we were?

Panacea?  Watercolor?  Valentine?  What do these three words have in common?  Each is the name of a town. We had never heard of these towns before we took off on our cross-country trip.  Have you? When we saw them on … Continue reading

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Road Trip Across the Mojave

While the Mojave Desert is large (124,000 square kilometers  or 47,877 square miles), it is not a static place. The variety of terrain and plant life is surprisingly rich. The drive through the California desert from Needles to Barstow is … Continue reading

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Can you believe this is how our 2-year trip started?

We plan ahead. No packing last minute.  So, for our two-year trip, we thought that we would put everything into the car the day before.  We knew that would take skill and time to cram pack the car with so … Continue reading

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