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Know where we were?

Panacea?  Watercolor?  Valentine?  What do these three words have in common?  Each is the name of a town. We had never heard of these towns before we took off on our cross-country trip.  Have you? When we saw them on … Continue reading

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Road Trip Across the Mojave

While the Mojave Desert is large (124,000 square kilometers  or 47,877 square miles), it is not a static place. The variety of terrain and plant life is surprisingly rich. The drive through the California desert from Needles to Barstow is … Continue reading

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Can you believe this is how our 2-year trip started?

We plan ahead. No packing last minute.  So, for our two-year trip, we thought that we would put everything into the car the day before.  We knew that would take skill and time to cram pack the car with so … Continue reading

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Connect the Dots

Hey!  It’s a big country with countless roads going in every direction.  How to choose which way to go? We leave Washington, DC on December 27th.  Our goal is to arrive in California 4 months later, and after a few … Continue reading

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Washington, DC to Portland, OR: the long way

What better way to celebrate retirement than take a very long trip?  For us – one is not enough.  We’re planning two major back-to-back trips: first we’ll drive from Washington DC, where we now live, to the West Coast; and … Continue reading

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