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What we did while our flight took off without us

Would you be surprised to know one of our best travel days ever was in Madrid – and caused us to miss our flight back to the U.S.? We’ll take a break from more recent events to tell you what … Continue reading

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Time for a relaxing walk through the park

Does anyone besides us sometimes feel that sightseeing can become overwhelming and what’s needed is to take a step back – a BIG step back? We had visited three great sites in three days, and it was time to take … Continue reading

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ALTERED: our strategy for a day in Seville

It’s best to know when to toss aside your day’s travel plan, and, when you do, to give in gracefully to defeat and reshape the day so that it becomes memorable. Who knows? As time passes, we might not even … Continue reading

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It’s all about the details: the Seville Alcázar

Details. The Alcázar of Seville is a great work of architecture, and we think we know why: details. Everywhere we stood in the Alcázar gave us a magnificent view of the many artistic and architectural details. No matter how long we … Continue reading

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What happened in the formal garden

Our three-week stay in Jerez de la Frontera was relaxed and always interesting. Why would we want to leave, even for a day? One of the most important sites in Spain was a day trip away: the Alcázar in Seville. … Continue reading

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Postcards from Cádiz

Our knowledge of history has huge gaps. We’d heard of Cádiz, Spain but couldn’t bring to mind anything we’d ever learned. When we studied the map of Jerez de la Frontera, where we were staying, we noted Cádiz was only … Continue reading

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The real thing: flamenco in Jerez

Flamenco is a great example of all that we don’t know about other places and their cultures. When we first started to read about Jerez de la Frontera, we discovered that Jerez is famous for three things: sherry, horses, and … Continue reading

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A traveler’s choice: stepping off the tourist path

Where would you go to in Spain if you had a month? We decided to head for Jerez de la Frontera for 3 weeks and spend the last week in Cordoba and Madrid. (We imagine you are shaking your head … Continue reading

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Virtual orphans

Every photo tells its own story, and we find it challenging – and a little magical – to take a handful of chosen photos to weave the tale of our travels. The rest of the many photos we’ve taken – … Continue reading

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Photographers (everywhere) around the world

We take lots of photos as we travel. And now, in a world filled with cellphones, just about everyone has a camera. It seems that everybody wants to record the special things they see.  But here’s where we’re different. We rarely … Continue reading

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