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The question is “Barcelona or Porto?” And the answer is…

A friend asked us “Barcelona, Spain or Porto, Portugal?” and it’s a close call. Both cities rank high on our list of best places we’ve stayed. So, how to decide, if it’s an either-or choice? Our previous post, “Choosing where … Continue reading

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Mistakes we made (so you could learn from us and not make them too)

In the craziness of getting ready for the international portion of our around-the-world  trip of 14 months, our concern was to not make really BIG mistakes – the kind of mistakes that cost a lot of money, time, or threatened our being … Continue reading

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Never, Ever

We always said we’d NEVER take a cruise until we were so old it was our only travel option. Never, ever. We’ve always planned trips where we walk or hike a lot. We want beautiful scenery but on a budget. … Continue reading

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Japan is more affordable than we expected

A few years ago, when we were choosing which countries to visit on our round-the-world trip, we decided against visiting Japan.  We were sure that it would be over our modest budget. However, our friend, Stephen, was so enthusiastic about … Continue reading

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Steps to planning your ultimate trip

How do you define your “trip of a lifetime”?  We got a bit carried away when batting around ideas for our next trip. Thank big.  How about 6 months in South America?  No, on 2nd thought, we really should go … Continue reading

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