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Thoughts on guided tours, high seasons, and rental cars

  We learn from observation, but mostly we learn from our mistakes.  That is where our trip to Alaska comes in.  We’d been working hard and desparatly wanted to take a trip but didn’t have time to plan one.  We … Continue reading

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A trip in free fall 

We thought of ourselves as serious travelers.  So what could be simpler than a 3-night, late summer get-away on the Delaware shore? We reserved a walk-in camping site at Cape Henlopen State Park months earlier but were so busy in … Continue reading

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1,000 nights in AirBnBs: thoughts about a traveling life with no home

We ended our apartment lease, gave most of our stuff away, and thus began our traveling life 6 years ago.  We have had no home since then, and, for the last 2,200 nights, we have stayed in diverse places ranging … Continue reading

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Planning a family reunion?

Our last family reunion ended on a disastrous note, but it wasn’t our fault.  Eight years ago, we booked a spacious house in Santa Barbara, California for the gathering.  So what went wrong?  When 5-month old Nick arrived, no one … Continue reading

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No perfect place for next

Several years ago we started to plot out where to go on this year’s round-the-world trip.   The beginning fell right into place. Somehow we just couldn’t figure out a good place to go in between. Where to go for the … Continue reading

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More information, please!

The most important site in Córdoba, Spain is the Mosque–Cathedral. The name summed up what we already knew: We spent considerable time walking through, reading the few interpretative signs, observing, and, still, we couldn’t quite understand what we were seeing. … Continue reading

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No amount of planning could have prepared us for this day

Oh, how we wanted to visit Sintra! Who wouldn’t with the many historical sites that included a palace that looked like it was the set for a Disney movie. We wanted to get the most from our visit so we … Continue reading

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If we were to do it again – what changes would we make?

We’re back from our 7-month trip to South America, and the trip exceeded our expectations. Even so, it’s always good to look back to assess what really went well and what we might have done differently. We’re guessing that honing … Continue reading

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Advice for visiting Inca ruins: Timing is key at Machu Picchu

We’ve been planning a trip — on-and-off — to Machu Picchu for over 20 years. We researched and discussed details with our travel friends, but we had other trips we wanted to take first, and it kept getting pushed forward. … Continue reading

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Challenge yourself

We asked ourselves, “Why settle for staying in the same place, taking the same walk every day, living a routine life?” Yes, we could have done that until we drew our last breaths…But… It’s not over till it’s over. We … Continue reading

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