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Travel expectations

We like to think we keep our travel expectations moderately realistic.  We fall somewhere between those who hope for nothing more than a relaxing get away and those leaving nothing to chance with a too-long checklist of sites and restaurants … Continue reading

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Virtual orphans

Every photo tells its own story, and we find it challenging – and a little magical – to take a handful of chosen photos to weave the tale of our travels. The rest of the many photos we’ve taken – … Continue reading

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Mega-sized, even then

The first time we set eyes on the Roman Coliseum we were stunned at the sheer size of the place. The Colisuem held up to 80,000 spectators. What an amazing undertaking for a building project erected between 70-80 A.D.! We’ve … Continue reading

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Pause…take a break…and start up again

Who wants a vacation to end? We never felt our one-week vacations from years past were long enough. We tried two weeks, then moved to three. When three weeks was not enough, we planned our just-finished (wildly extravagant in time) … Continue reading

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Viewing World Cup Soccer as we traveled

It ended in Crete, Greece. We walked a few meters down our alley to the neighborhood bistro, Olga Gusto. Not our usual activity at 10pm. The owner waved to us with a smile and beckoned us to take front row … Continue reading

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Thousands of tiny stones and glass

The immense stone columns at archaeological sites may be the first thing you notice, but, then, the tiny bits of stone and glass forming the ancient mosaics draw you in for a careful study.  Mosaics are a clear depiction of … Continue reading

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Change of Plans

An important rule of travel: don’t always stick to your plans.  We were headed off to a restaurant in the early evening when we rounded the corner and saw the light was perfect for photographing the Blue Mosque and Aya … Continue reading

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Baby Storks

Where we’re from there aren’t any storks.  OK, we’re not counting the mythical storks who bring babies to loving families.  So, it was a surprise to arrive in Selcuk, Turkey, site of the famous archaeological site, Ephesus, and discover storks. … Continue reading

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18 degrees Centigrade

Eighteen degrees Centigrade (64 degrees Fahrenheit) may be a fine air temperature, but it doesn’t make sea water warm enough to swim in early May. Normally we wouldn’t give swimming a second thought at that temperature.  BUT.  Here we were … Continue reading

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Feeling the Power

We read that the last remaining of the three grandest temples of Greece is the Temple of Apollo at Didyma, Turkey. The construction of the temple was started in the 7th Century BC. Wars, earthquakes and abandonment have followed in … Continue reading

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