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No perfect place for next

Several years ago we started to plot out where to go on this year’s round-the-world trip.   The beginning fell right into place. Somehow we just couldn’t figure out a good place to go in between. Where to go for the … Continue reading

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Time for a relaxing walk through the park

Does anyone besides us sometimes feel that sightseeing can become overwhelming and what’s needed is to take a step back – a BIG step back? We had visited three great sites in three days, and it was time to take … Continue reading

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Sintra: were our expectations too high?

Sometimes a sightseeing trip falls way below our expectations. We’re glad to say that it rarely happens, but our much-anticipated trip to Sintra took a turn for the worse soon after it started. We’ll tell the tale of our bad-to-great … Continue reading

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The obligatory trip into historic Lima

We had planned to be in Lima for 10 days, and it seemed a trip into the Historic Centre should be on our agenda. This area dates back to the early days of Lima, founded in 1535. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Ever heard of Citânia de Briteiros? And how would we get there?

Sure, Guimarães has a castle, a palace, and is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Isn’t that enough? No, not when Citânia de Briteiros is close by; THAT’s where we wanted to go. Citânia de Briteiros is the archaeological site … Continue reading

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Madeira’s UNESCO Forest

We heard from our friends about levada walks. Levadas, old water channels, are unique to Madeira, and many have pathways along them. When we found a levada walking company that was recommended, we looked at the description of all of their … Continue reading

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Death Defying Leap

The practice is now banned, but, during the Edo Period, to fulfill a wish, people would jump off the veranda of the Kiyomizudera Temple. If they lived, their wish would be granted. 85% survived the 40-foot fall.  As we stood … Continue reading

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