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Camping in 102 degree heat

What is our limit for camping in the heat?  We can now say we have reached it.  In a week of camping we jumped from the frying pan into the fire. When we camped at Great Basin National Park in … Continue reading

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Celebrating another national park

When choosing a travel destination – we’ve never been disappointed by visiting a national park.  The scenery is spectacular, and we always take advantage of the good interpretive programs to understand its many wonders. Our first visit to a national … Continue reading

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Outdoors in the desert rain

We did not expect rain on our 4-day camping trip in a desert national park.  The rain began our first night as we washed up after dinner. The forecast for the next day called for rain later in the afternoon.  … Continue reading

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A plunge of 37 degrees

We rolled up the sleeping bags and packed up the tent. It was sunny and hot in Moab, Utah – perfect weather for the month of May. After camping 14 nights, we looked forward to staying in a motel in … Continue reading

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A pilgrimage to the golden arches

Friends are always asking where we’re traveling next. Several contemplate joining us somewhere on the road. A few actually plunge in and show up, ready to travel along with us. Californians, Carolyn and Robert, joined us a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Preparation required

Some travel destinations are easy. You pack; you go. All is so simple when you arrive. Take this advice from us: do your homework before you take a trip to Canyonlands National Park (Needles and Maze Districts). There is no … Continue reading

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