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Time and isolation: here’s our response

In our previous life, we traveled.  Month after month.  Country after country.  And then, it was over.  Everyone asks, “Do you miss it?”  It’s complicated to answer. We loved our walks every day on our travels through varying landscapes. We … Continue reading

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Good for you

A habit we developed years ago stuck with us.  In the beginning we took short walks pushing a baby carriage.  Every day we found time for a good walk and soon it became a habit. A decade later we had … Continue reading

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Creatures of habit

We are creatures of habit – even as we travel. That’s a good thing. As we carefully cultivated good habits and built them into our routine, we decided: why not keep it going? For many years we have taken walks … Continue reading

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A Sunday stroll from Agato to Otavalo

We took a taxi from our hotel in Otavalo up into the mountains to the little hamlet of Agato with our friends, Jo and Louise. We had the most delightful visit with Miguel Andrango, one of the best weavers in … Continue reading

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Variety is the spice of life

We want variety, color, drama, and beauty on the walks we take each day. Is that too much to ask? We think not. Scenic walking routes criss-cross Victoria, located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Many days we walked … Continue reading

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The camera comes with us on our daily walk

We’ve always taken a daily walk. Before we left on this trip, the walk was a prescribed route that wound through our neighborhood. We enjoyed the same walk every day, day-in and day-out, for many years. Changes in the landscape … Continue reading

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FAST downhill exit

A unique-to-Madeira, crazy, and really fun way to get back down to the city center from the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens is to take a basket toboggan ride down. Or, you can walk down the very steep and narrow streets … Continue reading

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Walking for more than exercise

We walk every day. We like to walk, and walking 10,000 steps or more daily is good for our health, so why not? We always try to find a place offering scenic views, presenting a choice of routes, and promising … Continue reading

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A side effect of our long trip: weight loss

We’ve surprised ourselves by a gradual weight loss on our trip thus far.  Yes, we wanted to lose weight, but be didn’t think we would.  So, we’re more than surprised – maybe shocked is the better word.  We weren’t on … Continue reading

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Dawn starts with sunrise…and takes on a life of its own.

7am. We crawled from our tent in the Florida Keys, a bit groggy.  The sky had a tinge of pink.  Hadn’t we read that the best times of day for photography are dawn and dusk?  Yes, indeed.  So, we took … Continue reading

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