Plotting a return

Four years ago we spent two memorable days at Casa San Pedro near Sierra Vista, Arizona. Ever since, we’ve plotted a return to the area. We know it’s not exactly a hot spot on most vacationers’ lists, but it has a beautiful climate and, best of all for us, good walking and hundreds of species of birds to see. Did we also say very affordable?

A good time for both weather and watching birds is April. Mid-70’s (25 degrees C) in the day and mid 40’s (7 degrees C) at night. Migrating birds are traveling through so chances of seeing more birds and different species increases.

We searched the web to find a place where we could stay for 2-4 weeks and up popped “Arizona Sky Island Escape With View” on AirBnB. The listing was for a little 1-bedroom house that was close to canyons – a perfect fit for our walking and bird watching. The price was so good for a month’s stay that we booked it a year ago and, since then, had been anticipating our stay eagerly.

After a year of waiting this is what we found:

We couldn’t wait to get out for a walk in our new neighborhood. What was that perched in the ocotillo bush? A Gambel’s quail, a common bird here, but thrilling to see for those of us not used to seeing them on a regular basis.

Our walk in the neighborhood led us down a road with few cars going by. It was quiet, except for bird song, and the scenery was pleasant.

What is it about walking through a different environment that perks up your senses to really pay attention?

Small wildflowers grew by the road side which I later looked up and identified as arrowleaf balsamroot (balsamorhiza sagittata). We must have seen these little flowers before but never noticed their amazing detail.

A sign by the road offered us the choice to continue down a path with grasslands on either side. We thought this environment looked familiar, and, when we saw the sign describing it as an oak savannah, we realized that we’d been in another oak savannah near Eugene, Oregon.

We knew so little about the flowers in Arizona, for all we knew they could be weeds. No matter. We did find them charming.

We admired the view of the mountains, enjoyed the warm sunshine, and asked ourselves, “Was the return as good as we had anticipated?”   For us, Sierra Vista has been better than we expected….

…and we spotted over 100 different species of birds in the first few weeks. Most birds – like the yellow-headed blackbirds – we had rarely seen before.


March 2017

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4 Responses to Plotting a return

  1. plaidcamper says:

    What a great place to be in April! Particularly liked the fourth photograph, the grass/tree/mountain picture. Wonderful!

  2. leggypeggy says:

    Enjoy the next month. Looks like you are well set up.

  3. We use Airbnb all the time and have never been disappointed. Isn’t it lovely to stay in a place for a good length of time and really get to know the area.

  4. What a fabulous find! I love the view to the mountains. Bet you will enjoy every day on this stop 🙂

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