Flu + Family Reunion = Disaster

It started with Nick.  He looks innocent enough.  Unbeknown to us he was the carrier of a nasty flu that he had picked up at day-care.  Cut to several days later when, one by one, eleven of us succumbed to the flu.  Tragedy!

We had come to beautiful Santa Barbara, CA for a long planned family reunion.  There were 16 of us, aged 60+ yrs down to 1 y/o little Nick.   We came from all over the country for a week to enjoy each other’s company, and the warm and sunny CA coast.  When Nick arrived, we each hugged and rubbed noses with him.  He’s sooo  cute!

An enormous house near the ocean was rented. We laid in lots of glorious food with plans for big family dinners each night.

The first day we all walked down to town and enjoyed lunch at a sunny oceanside, outdoor restaurant.  We headed for the art fair, and the kids – 4, 3, 2, and 1 y/o — played in various parks.

The next day, Kir,  our daughter arranged for a professional photographer to meet us in the park in the late afternoon for an hour long photo session.  What a smart idea!  Each family group posed, separately, and then all of us posed in one group.  The photos are wonderful!  Our plans were working so well! Or, so, we thought, but we didn’t see what was coming.

And then the bug hit.   Literally knocking some of us unconscious.  Knocks on the doors of the shared bathrooms ranged from weak and polite to loud and insistent.

Amazingly, the other three children did not get sick and enjoyed playing each day at various parks, visiting the zoo, and riding a carousel.

 As the week came to a close, a few of us weakly got up and managed to take a walk on the beach.

A bike ride down the path by the ocean was as strenuous as we could get.

One of the few who did not get sick passed time by playing “hockey” on the rooftop deck.

Many of us were still sick by week’s end; as a result, we had lots of leftover food (who wanted to eat?); and most of our time had been spent in bed instead of touring Santa Barbara.  After many, many trips to beautiful places, that we would get sick on one was inevitable.  But who knew it would happen to eleven of us in such a beautiful place?  We’ll have to go back to really see and enjoy Santa Barbara, after all of us are immunized against “the” superflu.

April 2010

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